UK: Catholic leader Vince Nichols ‘dismayed’ by immigration debate

Cardinal Vincent Nichols

Immigrants come to Britain to “work hard and make a very positive contribution” and London would “grind to a halt” without them, the head of the Roman Catholic church in England has said.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of Westminster, said he was “dismayed” by the fact immigration is such a big issue in the General Election.

He said that voters need to remember that “these are people we are talking about” who are drowning trying to get to Europe of being jailed in Calais because they are so desperate to travel to this country.

He told The Daily Politics show on BBC One: “Every party has to be tested on its approach to immigration. It is a really difficult issue. What I want to keep saying is these are people we are talking about. The people who drown in the Med trying to get into Europe, the people who are caged in Calais because they are desperate.

“We have to somehow keep the human person at the front of all these issues and remember this city would grind to a halt without the contribution of people who come to this country. The vast majority of immigrants come here, work hard and make a very positive contribution.

“I am [dismayed it is such a big issue]. We need to back and say what is our stance towards the world around us, do we see ourselves genuinely as a player or contributor wanting to build something that is better for everyone”…