UK: Catholic leader Vince Nichols ‘dismayed’ by immigration debate

Cardinal Vincent Nichols

Immigrants come to Britain to “work hard and make a very positive contribution” and London would “grind to a halt” without them, the head of the Roman Catholic church in England has said.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of Westminster, said he was “dismayed” by the fact immigration is such a big issue in the General Election.

He said that voters need to remember that “these are people we are talking about” who are drowning trying to get to Europe of being jailed in Calais because they are so desperate to travel to this country.

He told The Daily Politics show on BBC One: “Every party has to be tested on its approach to immigration. It is a really difficult issue. What I want to keep saying is these are people we are talking about. The people who drown in the Med trying to get into Europe, the people who are caged in Calais because they are desperate.

“We have to somehow keep the human person at the front of all these issues and remember this city would grind to a halt without the contribution of people who come to this country. The vast majority of immigrants come here, work hard and make a very positive contribution.

“I am [dismayed it is such a big issue]. We need to back and say what is our stance towards the world around us, do we see ourselves genuinely as a player or contributor wanting to build something that is better for everyone”…

  • winniec

    The cardinal speaks one week after an attitude survey revealed 27% of Muslims in the UK agree with MURDERING CARTOONISTS…more than ONE MUSLIM IN FOUR AGREES WITH VIGILANTE MURDER!
    Your Eminence, have you got brain?

  • Alain

    No one can make this claim as long as there is a welfare state. All welfare must be removed before anyone can claim that immigrants come to work hard and to make a positive contribution. The same rule applies to every country today providing welfare benefits. Now there are mainly two types who come: one to colonise while benefiting from all the welfare and the second comes for all the welfare benefits. A much smaller number still comes to work hard and to have a better life.

    • Freedom

      To have an open border you need no welfare, common sense.

  • Shebel

    By the Womb of the Virgin Mary , I swear before the Living Christ that Catholics have lost their Faith in the One true God.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I guess Monty Python were right.
      The Catholic clergy really does believe that every sperm is sacred.

    • John the Mad

      Shebel: All Catholics? Really? I don’t need to swear that you are an anti-Catholic bigot. Your words speak for themselves.

      Cardinal Nichols can be faulted for not giving enough weight to those Muslims who engage in violent jihad, but what he says is largely accurate.
      Are we not to have compassion for the marginalized?

      I’m not of the left and I am a hard-liner when it comes to Muslim extremism and believe it is very much an orthodox Muslim phenomena and has been for 1,400 years.

      We need lots of boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria and countries do need to have orderly immigration policies and secure borders. And Iran must not be allowed to obtain the bomb.

      Less than 3% of Catholic clergy have engaged in ebophilia (not paedophilia as you note).

      Rates of Catholic clerics who offend is less than, say, public school teachers and about the same as religious leaders of other faiths.

  • marty_p

    The Mo’s should be applauded, they are providing work for welfare case workers and Council Housing workers.

  • cmh

    obviously he needs to get hi-speed internet access in the rectory

  • Dana Garcia

    In the US, Catholic elites want millions of Mexicans to fill the church’s empty pews. Interestingly, one in ten Americans self-identifies as an Ex-Catholic — such is their disgust with the institution.

    Doubtless, Catholic elites in Britain are thrilled with the influx of hundreds of thousands of Polish catholic immigrants. Attending church is a great way to get acquainted in a new town — or country.

  • ntt1

    How is swamping a nations culture building something better for every one? if the immigrants come to graze on the unbelievably rich social system but then destroy the culture that built that social system then everybody loses. Zimbabwe is not famous for its handouts

  • felis gracilis

    And here I was hoping that the Catholics are not drinking the same kool-aid as the Anglicans and the United Church.

    • Alain

      Vatican II changed all that.