Skid row shooting of homeless man by LAPD provokes search for more video

The video-recorded fatal shooting by Los Angeles police of a homeless man on skid row Sunday night has investigators looking for additional footage that could shed light on the deadly confrontation.

The shooting, which was viewed more than 6 million times in the first seven hours after it was posted on Facebook, was captured on a graphic video shot by a bystander.

On Monday morning a second video shot from a slightly different angle emerged, also showing a violent struggle between officers and the man before the shots were fired. 

  • It looks like the cops lost their heads and murdered a poor, defenseless man that they could easily have neutralized if they had kept their cool.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      I’m always suspicious of these things. As far as the actual shooting goes, we didn’t see anything, but the truth will eventually come out.
      Hitting him with a taser didn’t seem to slow him down, and his combative friend made matters worse.
      Remember boys and girls, don’t resist arrest!
      Nothing good ever comes of it.

    • mikeh420

      Yeah, that man was trying to take that cop’s gun so he wouldn’t get shot himself.

  • David

    The guy was on the ground with four cops on him. Hard to see justification for shooting him.

    • mikeh420

      He tried to grab a cop’s gun (and actually got off a shot before he was shot himself). That always ends badly, either for the cop or the baddie. You also see his friend grab a baton that another cop dropped, then prepare to bash some cop’s head in from the back.

  • ntt1

    What is with black videographers? they take a simple thought like “dat man ded” and repeat it 5 or6 times It seems like a common feature on a lot of World star clips too.
    its is a tough call when someone is shot but we weren’t there and its really hard to see the truth in the video

  • Clausewitz

    Silly me, I’ll wait for more facts. It’s not my pay grade to jump to outrageous conclusions, I’ll leave that to Brian Williams.