Mask wearing Code Pinkos attempt to shut down AIPAC 2015

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AIPAC = American Israel Public Affairs Committee

  • Hard Little Machine

    No gives a rabies dipped ratfuck what code pink says. No one. They are fucking insane and the only response to them (in the winter) is to spray them with firehoses.

    • They make the Fringe look sane.

      • Xavier

        Those pink kayaks they wear are a hoot, though!

  • Gaylord Ponce

    Sick & tired of this horse shit! A story on today’s CBC about Bibi speaking to Congress. Every fucking leftie is out in force commenting on it. The bullshit being posted is enough to make you puke.! These punks have no idea of the history of the region nor are they willing to recognize it. Just a bunch of brainwashed morons.

  • Only after the code pink ladies get done with their two week vacation in Saudi Arabia will I listen to them.

  • Jade

    Code pink people will be the first ones picked up by the Sharia police and have their heads wacked off.

  • Jade

    Code pink people would be the fist people pick up by Sharia police and have their heads wacked off.

  • cmh

    code pink is another group supported by cornel west the hamas supporter slated to lecture at the university of winnipeg may 8th. deny entry.