Islam's Useful Idiot Liberal Left Apologists

Liberal elite are helping spread of Muslim extremism

Universities are meant to advance human understanding, expand our knowledge and serve as a platform for debate.

But tragically, through their failure to confront and root out Islamist radicalism, some British institutions are achieving the very opposite.

Instead of deepening the liberal roots of our civilisation, they are helping to allow intolerance to flourish through their unwillingness to confront extremism in their midst.

That insidious process has been graphically demonstrated by the case of Mohammed Emwazi, the Islamic State butcher nicknamed ‘Jihadi John’.


  • Dana Garcia

    Liberals’ utopian dreams always had “by any means necessary” in the small print.

    Jihadists are the ultimate enforcers, so the team-up is not that surprising when you think about it.

  • JoKeR
    • Perfect.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Every liberal arts male student should be encouraged to enrol in “Sphincter Stretching 101” – in which Ahmed and Abdullah, two hirsute young muslim scholars, explore students anally with broomsticks, bayonets and the odd cock. Female liberal arts students should be encouraged to take “Rape Me In Ramallah” in which course materials focus on 21st century Palestinian feminist literature.

  • cmh

    Yes, you will be interested to know that on May 8th 2015 Cornel West will be bringing his filthy racist lecture to the University of Winnipeg. He should not be allowed to cross the border into Canada. He is best known as a supporter of Hamas, Hizbollah, BDS, and the new Black Panthers. He is a vicious anti-Semite who frequently falsely invokes Martin Luther King Jr into his attacks on Zionism. If they refuse entry to musician Chris Brown then they should certainly refuse entry to the violence inciter and race card player Cornel West.

  • winniec

    Isn’t that Justin in the cartoon?

  • The enemy of my enemy and so forth.

    It does backfire on them.

    Enjoy that schadenfreude.