“Get Over Yourself”: UK TV Host to Islamophobia Whiner

Common sense. It still exists.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Countdown to forced public apology!

    • Alain

      I also wonder how long it will take before a forced public apology or being fired.

  • winniec

    ‘Get over yourself’…that’s a great line! The ‘Islamophobia’ smear is a form of ‘SPECIAL PLEADING’ that claims Muslims have a special right not to hear tough questions about Islam or bad news about Islam. No other group has that ‘right’…only Muslims. Rather than honestly say, ‘Sharia law forbids dirty kafirs to discuss Islam’, Muslims go into a dishonest rant about ‘hurt feelings’. That doesn’t normally stop a reporter from going after the news and shouldn’t.
    The point of ‘Islamophobia’ is really to enforce Sharia law’s requirement that disbelievers not say anything AT ALL to suggest Islam might NOT be perfect, accurate, correct, eternally true, believable or moral.

  • Push back. This is good.

    More. Lots more. Please.

  • ed

    better than maddona falling on her ass !

  • Mal

    The comments on the page were full of maggots whining about the interviewer’s “smugness” with the swivel-eyed git. Only, of course, because she wasn’t one of their own smuggies.
    Loved watching that. More please, Sky TV?

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Never seen her before but Kay Burley is now on my List.