Don’t Doubt ISIS’s Sincerity

The claim that its recruits are just looking for an excuse to act barbarically is amazingly stupid.

Over 20 years ago, when I was briefly living in Czechoslovakia, I visited Theresienstadt, a Nazi concentration camp. Tens of thousands of Jews were killed there. Even so, as Nazi concentration camps go it was pretty nice. That was by design. The Nazis used it as a Potemkin “Jewish settlement” in an effort to persuade the International Red Cross that the Nazis weren’t mistreating the Jews.

To that end, they shipped out the malnourished and spruced the place up in advance of the Red Cross’s arrival. In the grand scheme of things, this was just a small part of the Nazis’ effort to hide the fact that they were liquidating the Jews of Europe. They couldn’t hide their anti-Semitic brutality of course, but even the SS understood that openly murdering millions of innocents amounted to bad press they didn’t need.

  • Gary

    It was Trudeau that mocked the threat to Canada by Hitler , he gloated over how the Nazi’s were a problem for the English and not France.
    Oh well, then came the Spring of 1940 where in June Hitler drove into Paris to claim it for the fatherland.
    Now Trudeau’s son mocks the threats by the islamofascists as if the ones ringing the alarm bells are haters and islamophobes.

    • winniec

      When Canada needed him the most in 1944, Pierre Trudeau, a trained infantry officer, took an extended vacation in Asia. Justin is the willfully blind leading the willfully blind. Lots of pics of Justin in mosques even praying to the Holy Gravel in Mecca, none in churches. Think about that

      • Frances

        Where did he go in Asia in 1944? Didn’t think there was much of a tourist industry that year.

  • luna

    I don’t think the Islamic State is an existential threat to the U.S. But I do know it wants to be. That alone is good enough reason to kill them all. Since when is posing an existential threat a minimum threshold for killing child-raping barbarian slavers?

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    • winniec

      People underestimated the Nazis when they were starting. The caliphate is normative Islam, rather than an aberration. 65% of all Muslims want a caliphate.

      • Xavier

        And in some polls it’s as high as 75%.
        That’s not extremism, though.
        And if you think it is, choppy choppy.

  • Xavier

    Synopsis: Moslems and the West have different values.

    Which is why we need to change our response to Islamic extremism from traditional Western tactics to ones that take advantage of Moslem beliefs and philosophy.

  • winniec

    ISIS wants to entice the Western powers into a huge ground war that will attract Muslims from around the world. They believe they can force history to bring about the worldwide caliphate. Western countries need to stop Muslim immigration. They are a growing fifth column we cannot afford.