Decaying corpses found in Syrian town after Kurdish fighters oust ISIS jihadis

Fighters from the Kurdish YPG movement raise their flag after recapturing Tal Hamis from ISIS

New images have emerged showing the aftermath of a battle between Islamic State militants and brave Kurdish resistance fighters during which the terror group lost 175 fighters.

The jihadis overran the town of Tal Hamis, which lies 20 miles south of the city of Qamishli, last summer, using it as stronghold from which to attack resistance groups in northern Syria.

Troops from the all-male YPG and the all-female YPJ Kurdish resistance forces led several failed attempts to retake Tal Hamis last year, leaving the strategically important town strewn with dead bodies, weapons and abandoned military equipment.

Finally on February 28 the brave fighters were able to liberate the city from ISIS’ control forcing the terror group to flee the area in a massive push that left close to 200 militants dead in a single day…

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