Dear MSM, Stop pretending the Ahmadiyya are “Mainstream Islam”

The Ceeb is is running this piece: ‘Meet a Muslim Family’ aims to dispel fears of the religion

A Muslim organization has launched a cross-Canada outreach campaign called Meet a Muslim Family, in order to help dispel myths about the religion.

The campaign was launched by the Ahmadiyya Muslim community at mosques across Canada yesterday, including the Baitur Rahman Mosque in Delta, B.C.

Iman Balal Khokhor said they don’t want their religion to be misunderstood in light of recent violent attacks by extremists in the name of Islam.


This story has been all over the airwaves, and once again the Media isn’t telling the truth. Whether by ignorance or design I really can’t say.

I have nothing against the “Meet a Muslim Family” organizers, and wish them well but…

The Ahmadiyya are not considered Muslims by the Sunni and Shia sects, in fact they are persecuted by “Mainstream Muslims.”

The media has repeatedly trotted out the Ahmadiyya like some sort of Kumbaya Wish-dream, when in fact they are regarded as infidels or worse.

Hatred of the Ahmadiyya is taught in Canada by “Mainstream Muslims”. The jpeg below denouncing the Ahmadiyya was taken from the web site of Masjid Ibrahim  in Mississauga. I wrote about them in this piece; “The New Normal In Canada: Politicians Attend Mosque That Condones Death To Apostates, Beating Your Wife”.

It was from Masjid Ibrahim’s “About Islam” section and reads as follows;

 “Q76. What is Islam’s judgement of Ahmadiya (Qadiani), and the Ismaeli sects? What about Muslim youth marriage to women from any of the two sects?

A76. Doubtless that both Ahmadiyah (Qadianiyah) and Ismaeli sects are not part of the religion of Islam. Thus they are not considered Muslims even though they call themselves Muslims to falsify things and lead others astray. 


Still not convinced? Then read this article,  “Toronto’s “Moderate Muslims” Preach Hate Against “Apostate Moderate Ahmadi Muslim’s” Roy Thomson Hall Muhammad Fest

It deals with Toronto’s North American Muslim Foundation and their views of the Ahmadiyya…

“Now comes the point of how to deal with the Ahmediyya Jamaat, especially in the west. The overall best policy for the Muslims is to not deal with them at all, unless strictly for da’wah conducted by those who are acquainted with this cult’s vile agenda.

The media, in their desire to whitewash “Mainstream Islam” as a religion of peace are lying to you.

The Ahmadiyya are not mainstream Islam, Mainstream Islam hates them.

Let’s see if this comment gets posted.

CBC Ahmadiyya comment