The NYPD Got it Right on Islamic Terrorism

Pop quiz: How can the threat of radical jihadists be countered?

  • winniec

    Mordechai Kedar suggested all mullahs submit their sermons to a censor before delivery. Since jihadists only fear loss of residency, their entire family should be made responsible for the jihadist. When a jihadist conducts jihad, the entire family should be deported and lose all rights of residency or citizenship.

  • The non-Muslim world has to start an Islamic reformation. And that can only be done by speaking truthfully to Muslims.

    I am sorry Muslims, but your “religion” is in bad need of a reformation. And until the reformation is openly addressed and started, Islam should be classified a hate ideology.

    An inventory of all mosques should be done. Any mosques found with hate literature should be confiscated and the mullah in charge arrested.

    Zero tolerance for terror funding should be the rule of law. Track back all funds promoting terror and confiscate 100% of the offending parties assets.

    Imagine the Saudi Arabians look on their faces when trillions of their petrodollars are confiscated for funding terror. This will get their attention.

    All that is needed is a leader with a set of balls to speak truth to reality.

  • Dana Garcia

    Deport. One of my favorite verbs.

    The perpetually angry can experience their multiple grievances in dar al-Islam where such feelings are normal. Win win.

  • cmh

    along with the standard issue gun, taser and billy club, there should be a pack of bacon