Shocking Report: Obama Threatened To Shoot Down Israeli Jets Targeting Iran

In a shocking report, a Kuwaiti newspaper is claiming that President Barack Obama once threatened to shoot down Israeli jets if they went through with a plan to target Iranian nuclear sites.

Citing “well-placed sources,” Al-Jarida claims that sometime in 2014, the Israeli government made plans to attack Iran when they heard that the United States and Iran were on the cusp of striking a secret nuclear deal behind Israeli’s back. The decision was made after Israel learned the terms of the deal were supposedly “a threat to Israel’s security.”


h/t DS

  • Wouldn’t put it past him.

  • Reader

    It is very evident who Barack Hussein Obama sees as his country’s friend and which its enemy.

    Too bad his beliefs are the opposite of the official position of the US Senate, the Congress and the opinion of the vast majority of Americans.

    • Exile1981

      Actually it’s more who he sees as his personal friend; he has no interest in the countries friends other than to isolate them so islam can defeat them individually.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I absolutely do not buy this story.
    There is a high probility that order would not be followed (yep, our military can do that – with a good reason) and that he would be impeached over such a thing.

    • Xavier

      I agree, and I doubt Bibi would have been intimidated by that threat – it would have been a political disaster for Obama if carried out and couldn’t be blamed on anyone else, as is his M.O.

      • simus1

        Something so plain and straightforward would not be Emperor Barry’s style at all. Something more devious like betraying the mission’s secrets early on to the Iranians plus leaving the Israelis in the lurch at the most critical moment would appeal much more to a marxist mindset.

      • marcus tullius cicero

        Even Jews have traitors in their mist, the ones that vote DemocRAT..!

    • Clausewitz

      Well I also felt that no American President would leave citizens hung out to dry through a stand down order like in Benghazi. But WTF it happened under this traitor’s watch.

    • Exile1981

      It could have been a threat made after the planning stage.

    • Physics grad

      less drinking before noon might help

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        No, it doesn’t!

        • ntt1

          which noon? what longitude?

          • Maggat


      • Xavier

        less. drinking. before. noon.

        No matter how hard I try, that string of words makes no sense. Another Scotch please, Jeeves.

    • luna

      Plausible deniability.

  • marcus tullius cicero

    If true, any Jew that gives money or votes for DemocRATS is a traitor to God and Israel!

  • Physics grad

    Not so shocking, more like predictable for anyone who is not taken in by Obama and his lies

  • Minicapt

    It would be interesting to know when was the last time the Israelis issued a ‘heads-up’ before a major operation.


  • It’s almost like dude’s a muslim.