Ryerson U. rejects pro-life group because it “justifies sexual assault”?

Toronto’s Ryerson University student union has double standards when approving clubs. Many groups with pro-choice views are approved as clubs, but this pro-life group was denied.

Marissa Semkiw talks with Carter Grant, the vice-president of Students for Life at Ryerson. He tells her the bizarre reason his group was denied recognition.

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  • Typical of the leftists. Any position different from their orthodoxy is opposed.

  • ntt1

    Why can’t the Government use with holding funding as a hammer to ensure free speech and freedom of association are reinforced on all Campuses?

    • Stronger Than Dirt

      Ummm …because the ‘government’ of leftists are in favour of these policies and behaviour ?

      • ntt1

        It would be the real government of unelected bureaucrats that support this crap and the only way to bring them to heel is to threaten job and pension security, which should be done.

    • University today is a sick sorry pantomime.

      • ntt1

        I would like to see Government funding limited to STEM faculties and support staff, These areas are where cultural advances are being made right now, the social “sciences” on the other hand are just Marxist run clone factories spewing out unemployable deeply indebted copies of themselves and trying their best to destroy society. These faculties are where the anti Semitism racism and sexism are encouraged and even taught.

  • David

    Any reason to vilify decency.

  • cmh

    i’m busy trying to figure out if it’s a muslim man or a muslim woman standing behind her….

    • Minicapt

      I think it’s the guy who is on our side.


  • roccolore

    THe pro-abortion Nazis actually encourage sexual assault since they support covering up rapes.

  • Physics grad

    The left always talks about “think of the children” when they need a big stick to beat others with, such as in their justifications for a global warming tax.

    But when it comes to actually thinking of the children they don’t actually care.

  • Dingo

    The left side is pro-choice……? Surely it should change its name to abort only.