Quebec news expose of Concordia University’s Muslim Student’s Association

Seems the MSA has an interesting reading list…

  • simus1

    Back in the day it was called Sir George Williams College. After the “successful action” (marxist led riots and vandalism using the race card for cover), it morphed into Concordia. Think of Rye High with a ten year head start, but also located next to an open sewer (scholastically speaking).

    • Alain

      Wow that brought back a lot of memories for me, and you are correct.

    • Sir George was no longer privileged.

    • David Murrell

      Remember a number of years ago Arab-Muslim students rioted to effectively stop a speech by Benjamin Netanyahu (years before he became prime minister)? The Muslim students roughed up a few elderly Jews trying to enter the campus to hear the speech. Here is part of a documentary by Martin Himel, on Youtube:

      Here it the Wiki discussion:

      Interestingly, the Globe and Mail’s TV critic John Doyle slammed Himel’s documentary, siding with the anti-Semitic students. The power of our monopoly media.

      Click on the first You Tube link, which shows Concordia at its anti-Semitic worst.

  • ntt1

    I hate to say it but Quebec will very likely embarrass the other provinces to finally act. Against hate literature being offered freely from muslim students associations

  • pdxnag

    6000 Muslim students at the college!

    If you import Muslims you get Islam with them in a package deal.