Norway’s Mullah Krekar gives an honest & chilling interview about Islam & the West

This is a profound and honest interview and should be seen by all. The Obama narrative that islam has nothing to do with the deconstruction of critical freedoms around the world is coming undone and more importantly irrelevant.

  • The Goat

    Freedom for a falafel?

    • Some would make that trade;)

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I’d trade freedom for a falafel if I could get this video to play on my iPad.

        My main computer is ripped apart and in a dozen major pieces on my floor.
        Maybe tomorrow.

        • Minicapt

          You might try going to the “Live Leak” page, then search for “Mullah Krekar”.
          This clip is first on the list at this time. Tap the title.


          • Drunk_by_Noon


        • vladtepesblog

          I had to move to LiveLeak after youtube closed 2 of my channels each one having a thousand videos and each one having thousands of subscribers and millions of total views.

          LiveLeak seems to be much more tolerant of counter-jihad views from what I see so far and now they allow decent quality video uploads. However it may be more resource demanding on the viewing device.

  • cmh

    LOL BCF….

  • winniec

    Those who lied to us about jihad will go down in history as simple-minded. Is that what they want? They played their fiddle while civilization was burning. They let jihadists into stable Western countries and pretended they were not evil.

    • disqus_PwGxBXHn8l

      Winnie, progressives do not generally believe that there IS such a thing as honest evaluation of evidence. That is why they give themselves permission to avoid it. Falsehood does not matter when fact doesn’t.


      Our problem is not the Islamists but the progressives. It’s not the guy who gunned down Corporal Cirillo but Thomas Mulcair wittering that it shouldn’t be called terrorism.

      How will your safety and civil liberties look if Justin! JUSTIN! JUSTIN!!! and he are a one-two punch in Parliament next year? – Denyse O’Leary from Ottawa

      PS: Our biggest problem is ourselves if we have any use for legacy mainstream media except to entertain confused grannies and kitty cats.

      • winniec

        Disqus, That’s a false alternative. Why can’t it be both? The Muslims are cynically using Mulcair and Justin, while the reverse is true. Mulcair and Justin are whitewashing apologists for Islam to get their votes. Both leaders have not read the Islamic, primary source texts, but present themselves as experts on Islam, when they are merely gullible, arrogant and naïve. The post-modern non-objectivity is part of Justin’s problem. Mulcair is a crypto-Marxist, who dresses like a conservative.
        What you describe is correct: the most dishonest people today are ‘bullshitters’ like Mulcair and Justin. They have no interest whatever in the truth or facts. Prof. H. Frankfurt (an American professional philosopher) wrote a treatise (about people like the cultural Marxists you describe) called ‘On Bullshit’. Justin is 99% ‘bullshit’.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          I don’t know what Mulcair is, yet.
          He has to know, though, that no modern leader has as much facial hair as he has.
          Until he shaves, I know that he is not serious about being PM.

        • disqus_PwGxBXHn8l

          Hey, Winniec, I don’t underestimate grannies; am one myself. But reading what you say, I see I haven’t explained as clearly as I perhaps ought.

          The progressive, in my experience, is neither a bullshitter nor a liar so much as he is simply not very attached – at bottom – to the value of facts and evidence.

          It is easy for intelligent person like yourself and other readers, who take issue with them, to misunderstand this aspect of the situation. It took me, a bit slower but more focused perhaps, decades to grasp the significance of that, in terms of how we should think about what they say and advocate, and how to respond.

          The progressive promotes, unblinking, policies that – by every common sense standard – must end in failure – and historically have almost always ended in failure.

          Not because there is a nefarious plot behind his actions but because he enjoys the thrill of getting his way, and in one progressive’s immortal words, “What, in the end does it matter?”

          Indeed, in that particular case, in a nation where the majority voted for progressives, it DIDN’T matter.

          Similarly, the progressive does not take ethical issues seriously. The discovery that fellow progressives might be racists or fabulists is usually just another “What in the end … ” Those accusations are merely weapons to be aimed at non-progressives; no inherent values underlie them.

          Indeed, people who actually have bedrock values are considered enemies, unless they are Islamists – Islamist are useful because they attack Jews and serious Christians, the two most hated groups.

          What the progressive most wants, in my experience, is power to legislate and live his fantasies. In a nation where people pay attention to progressive media, progressives tend to win every battle; otherwise they would lose most of them. – Denyse O’Leary from Ottawa

        • marty_p

          Justin Turdeau would the Mullah is a moderate – after all he said that when you blow yourself up to kill the transgressor – you must make sure not to kill innocents.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Watching NATO member states turn into ISIS should be entertaining. Because if the’s one thing Europeans hate more than Jews it’s paying for a military.