Join The JDL For Bibi’s Speech Before Congress Tuesday March 3 10:30 AM


JDL Canada is pleased to announce that arrangements have been made to show PM Netanyahu’s historic speech before the US Congress live at the Toronto Zionist Centre.

Join us on the day just before Purim. At that time the Persian empire planned to destroy the Jewish People. PM Netanyahu is standing up like Queen Esther did back then.

Join us and stand with PM Netanyahu.

DATE: Tuesday, March 03, 2015

TIME:10:30 AM (arrive earlier for choice seating)

LOCATION: Toronto Zionist Centre 788 Marlee Ave., Toronto, ON.


  • Just a thought

    Obama won’t be moved by Bibi, unless it is to hate Israel even more than he already does. He also won’t be moved to act against Islam, which he apparently loves…

    As one reader commented, Obama glowers at Israel. But while he does that—and feels outrage towards Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu–he remains infinitely (and peculiarly) calm towards Islamic terror.


    As a Greenfield reader commented, Obama appears to protect rapists, slave traders, murderers, beheaders of children, child molestors; the list seems endless.


    There’s something wrong here. The US President is supposed to stand up for the victims, not for the killers’ religion.

    Obama has chosen a side to be on, and it is no that of civilization.

    • Brett_McS

      It’s not aimed at Obama. It is aimed at reasonable members of Congress and the general public. If it shows up Obama and his cronies as out of touch with normal sentiment it is Mission Accomplished.