Jihadi John exposed by web error: Killer downloaded software using student ID

Mohammed Emwazi, 26, now the world’s most-wanted man after beheading British and US hostages, had been on a shortlist of suspects.

But the crucial piece of the jigsaw fell into place when when Emwazi used a laptop in Syria to download web design software which was being offered on a free trial.

h/t ZD

  • Zaba

    Disability: Yes, islam.

    • What the hell does that mean?

      • Zaba

        islam is a disability of the mind.

        • Oh, okay, I had you mistaken for someone else. Carry on.

          • Zaba

            Happens to me all the time…..

  • cmh

    why is no one talking about his parents and how their parenting created this monster? why are there no tv cameras camped outside their house ??? where is geraldo and maury???