Italian anti-immigrant party stages Rome rally

The rising star of the Italian right, Matteo Salvini, led a mass rally in support of his anti-immigration, anti-EU Northern League party in central Rome Saturday, as a counter-rally took place nearby.

The rally’s slogan was “Renzi go home”, with Salvini, “the other Matteo”, setting himself up as a challenger to Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

“I do not make the distinction between the right and left, the struggle between fascists and communists belongs to the history books. We differentiate between those who work and parasites, and defend those who work,” Salvini told crowds at the rally.

Ten thousand people had gathered, organisers said. However, the number was not confirmed by the police and the Piazza del Popolo did not seem completely full…

An accurate picture of what it is going on is not possible from reading sources such as this. Remember how a huge anti-PEGIDA rally materialized in Dresden and then it turned to have been organized by the mayor and paid for by the taxpayers? (The information was revealed on a blog, not in the conventional media).

Still, it shows that the elites of Europe are determined to continue with their mass immigration policy come what may.