I have Haroonophobia and it’s catching

The Star has deposited another steaming turd from their resident Islamist Haroon Siddiqui.

True to form Haroon blames everyone and everything for Islam’s negative image but never once does he think to suggest that maybe, just maybe, Islam itself may be at fault.

How to minimize Islamic State lure for Canadian youth: Siddiqui

“Panicky headlines pronounce the lure of the Islamic State to disaffected Canadian Muslims, both converts and those born into the faith. Six Montreal teenagers, including two girls, are the latest to go over to the dark side. That brings the total of the disappeared to an estimated 145 — about 40 to the Islamic State and the rest to other terrorists groups.That’s about the same number of Canadians who reportedly joined Israel in its attack on Gaza last year. There’s no reliable figure on how many Canadians have joined Ukraine’s battle with Russia. But unlike them, the clear danger with those going over to, or sympathizing with, Muslim militant groups is that they can turn their guns on fellow-Canadians or hatch plots to blow up people and infrastructure. They cite about the same reasons: Western wars on and occupation of Muslim nations and peoples. Many also mention the escalating cultural warfare on Muslims in the West, as did one Montreal girl who left recently.”

As readers MP and Ontario John point out, in Haroon’s world defending Israel is just like being a Muslim terrorist.