France wants imams to learn secular values as part of new anti-radicalisation push

France said Wednesday it will encourage imams to take civics lessons amid fears of growing radicalisation among its Muslim community. But could the country be jeopardizing its secularist tradition by treading on religious ground?

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve on Wednesday outlined plans to combat radicalisation among France’s large and diverse Muslim community, with the emphasis of the reforms placed on opening channels of dialogue between the government and Muslim leaders.

Islam does not separate Church and State.  Secularism is sin.


  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    ‘France wants imams to learn secular values’

    In other words, the French are looking to sell apple juice to dedicated orange farmers.

    This plan will fail murderly, sorry, miserably.

  • cmh

    France is soon to discover that secularism is sin…. lol

  • Barrington Minge

    Imams are supposedly the mooslims with a little brain (as opposed to the masses who are deliberately kept brainless). Well I think we will find out that the little brain is so full of 7th century shyte that nothing else will stick in there hence, no change.

    • winniec

      The mullahs will PRETEND to go along with it and secretly teach treachery.

  • winniec

    Islam is a thought-control and information-control conspiracy using vigilante murderers to enforce its will on unsuspecting victims.

  • Xavier

    Political solutions are futile. France will fall first.

  • John

    Cazenueve is a complete moron. What he and all the others like him that populate France’s elites don’t realize is that they’ve already lost controle of the house.

    Most Muslims simply can’t be house trained, and with about 8 million of them already on France’s soil, bloodshed is inevitable.

    The only other option is to submit.

  • pdxnag

    Fidelity to anything other than Islam and Muslims (aka the Islamic Ummah) is a sin.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Most of these Imams would have a difficult time passing a university level course.