Family Says Notification By CSIS Of Islamic State Flag On Jihadi Daughter’s Twitter Account Was “Too Vague” A Warning

This article in the Star should be more accurately titled “Muslims are the real victims when Muslims kill infidels”

Much the same goes for the family of a 23-year-old Edmonton woman who fled to Syria last summer. There were similarly troubling signs. The woman dropped out of college, grew withdrawn and began wearing a niqab, the family told CBC News. She also began an online class with a woman who her family believes helped plan her flight.

Before she left, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service warned the family that her Twitter account featured the Islamic State flag and followed known jihadis. “But they didn’t give us enough information and it was all very vague,” the woman’s older sister said.


Yea, what’s a Jihadi flag or two? And a Niqab? Pffft!!  What 23 year old grown woman doesn’t rebel against her parents?  It’s just a phase!

And the real subtext of the story – ThishasnothingtodowithIslamDon’tblameus.BlameStephenHarperBushHitlerCSISIslamophobiaChristianTerrorists.