Europe Without Jews?

“…Even if many Muslims came to Europe seeking economic opportunity, they are often defined as victims of racism and oppression. So, the thinking goes, if you are a victim of racism and oppression, how can you be racist yourself?

The Palestinians repeat almost daily that they would like to kill the Israelis, while the Israelis say they would like peace. What follows are usually bitter, politically-motivated denunciations of Israel by Europe, masquerading as human rights.

Despite the increasingly savage state of the world and an openly genocidal Iran — soon to be nuclear, if it is not already — Israeli leaders remain the ones Europeans love to accuse, hate and demonize.”

I do not doubt the assertion that Europe will sacrifice its Jews and Israel in the vain hope it will solve its Muslim problem.


  • The Goat

    One of these things just doesn’t belong here
    One of these things just isn’t the same
    One of these things just doesn’t belong here
    Come and won’t you play our game?

  • The_Infidel_01

    If true Jewish people leave Europe, Europe is done for.

  • cmh

    maybe it should say “Europe without Muslims”? lol…i am always hopeful

  • Xavier

    If Moslems in Europe are commanded to slaughter the Jews, who will stop 44 million jihadists, or even 4 million?

    • winniec

      15% of Muslims are jihad supporters (at least in their own minds), but much less than 1% are active jihadists. That would be less than 10 million Muslims worldwide who will commit terrorism if recruited. Of those, perhaps 200,000 (worldwide) are very dangerous self-directed jihadists. The security agencies are watching them…that is a big army.

      • Xavier

        If Moslems were commanded by a Islamic leader to wage individual war against Jews, or anyone, would their numbers be limited to those who self-identify as jihadists and supporters today?

        There’s no way to put figures to that but I’d bet that both groups would increase dramatically; I suspect we’re going to find out.

  • winniec

    Europeans are as simple-minded, uninformed and lackadaisical about the jihad threat as are North Americans. Justin Trudeau is the typical Islam apologist. He presents himself as an expert even though he has read nothing from the original texts of Islam, let alone reading them in toto.

  • Hard Little Machine

    There’s maybe a million Jews left in Europe. At best, at very best half of them are too old too assimilated too left wing to leave no matter what even if the knife was at their throat. So for the half million or so Jews who can be saved they should take all steps to move ASAP before they are frog marched at gunpoint to the mass graves European liberals are preparing for them. After they save themselves and flee, we shouldn’t worry or care what happens to Europe any more than we worry about whether ISIS is holding a gay rights parade.