Disgusting woman writing for disgusting Guardian says disgusting Jihadi girls are the real victims!

The Syria-bound schoolgirls aren’t jihadi devil-women, they’re vulnerable children

We shouldn’t be writing these girls off – the rockstar barbarism of Isis is designed to recruit impressionable teenagers, Grade-A students or otherwise

Bullshit. They traipsed off to the Caliphate to join a group that stones women, beheads people, crucifies them, burns them alive and tosses homosexuals off of buildings.

No they’re not victims, they’re little sadists who simply wish to follow their sadistic religion – Islam

  • luna

    Where is the link to the guardian?

    It’s true they were brain washed by a death cult. But they deserve no more sympathy than male jihadis.

    If Muslim parents don’t want their children to kill and be killed for Allah’s sake, then they should not introduce their children to Islam.

  • simus1

    Notice how no mention is ever made of these beautiful delicate muslim flowers or the equivalent sons of the prophet learning anything useful (vocation wise) in their “homelands” before heading out to serve allah.

    • They are a perfect match for the Ummah.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      That is how I feel about rabble, huffpo and the ndp.
      If these people didn’t have an outlet for their idiocy they’d be up to something else.

  • ontario john

    Maybe we can set up a crowd funding effort for them to buy needed things for their adventures there. It worked for the muslim woman who wanted to wear a bag over her head in the Quebec courtroom. The cbc is excited at all the money raised for her. Perhaps the cbc can crowd fund for the muslim journalist in Egypt or Omar Kydar to supplement the cheques he will be getting from the Western media. Won’t work for the Christian couple being held by our friends the Chinese. Nobody in the media cares about them. Well, I’m off to my homophobic church.

    • I wish our government would just offer them a one way ticket.

      • Xavier

        …to Hell.

  • roccolore

    Feminazis always make excuses for Islam.

  • Dana Garcia

    They are not victims, although any child born into a Muslim family is unlucky indeed. (Thank you Jesus for placing me with Presbyterians.)

    The 15-year-old brain is not entirely capable of reason: full functionality doesn’t happen until 25. That’s why minors are protected by the state and hopefully by parents.

    Speaking of the state, why aren’t teen girls prevented from international flights?

  • Ed

    It’s society’s fault …. man!
    Evidently going to university in the 60s means never having to learn anything ever again.

  • “No they’re not victims, they’re little sadists who simply wish to follow their sadistic religion – Islam” (BCF) says it all.

  • ntt1

    Far from stopping these women and men wanting to join isis we should be facilitating their leaving. free busses to the airport and subsidized fares to crapistan.
    Think of it as an investment in preventing future costs in security and surveillance.
    As jihadis are identified and located they should be placed on this conveyer to the Islamic sandbox and in all cases place them on a no fly list and refuse re-entry to all that leave.

  • UnLiberal

    ISIS is probably luring idiots like these fools so they can be used to breed more terrorists!

  • Achmed

    Ha ha ha!

    Just wait until these girls return with all their young kids in hand and demand immediate citizenship for the kids born overseas. Then they will sponsor their husbands to emigrate.

    That’s real jihad!

  • dukestreet

    I was 4 when I made a decision that affects the rest of my life. Part of that decision was the recognition that I knew right from wrong. There is no way that teenagers don’t know the same.

    If they still lived in a death cult run country, maybe. But, they have been influenced by outside sources to some extent. The fact that the family is whining about it,tells me that they were a part of the negative influence that has precipitated the actions of their children.

  • Barrington Minge

    They have gone to ISIS-istan knowing what to expect (one asssumes that they can read). This said, how can anyone mistake their motives. If you decide on a path, knowing what to expect at the end then you cannot expect anyone else to dig you out of the consequences. They should not be allowed back into the UK and their parents should be treated with suspicion. Do we really believe that the parents did not know or at least suspect what was going on?
    I have no sympathy for the parents or these stupid girls and the sooner the media drops all mention of them the better.