Concerned Canadians Against A Nuclear Iran Rally – Tuesday March 3, Toronto

Now is the time for all Canadians of conscience to rally behind Israel and to support Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to the US Congress about the existential threat of the Iranian nuclear program.

Please join us on Tuesday March 3rd from 12:00-1:30pm across from the American Consulate at 360 University Avenue, Toronto, in support of Speaker John Boehner and Prime Minister Netanyahu, and to protest against a nuclear Iran.

If you don’t live in Toronto but know someone who does, please forward this message to your friends. Thank you.

  • Denis George Miller

    I support this groups aims and am sorry that I am three days drive away and can’t attend

  • Xavier

    I know these people mean well but Boehner isn’t anyone to admire for any reason. He’s Obama’s bitch.

  • cmh

    I am in the west and wish you the best of luck on a meaningful attendance number.

  • DMB

    With Pakistan having nuclear weapons and being a more unstable nation than Iran the Pakistani government has decided to sell their nuclear secrets to Saudi Arabia. Iran may hate Israel and the USA but they fear the Saudi Wahabi/Sunni dictatorship. With both Iran, Saudi Arabia having or will soon have nuclear weapons there will be an increase of political and religious tensions between these two countries in the near future making the possibility of an all out war.