American Jews: Support Bibi or Shut Up

“When you come out against Israel’s brutal battling in the Gaza strip, this may satisfy your desire to speak out against perceived injustices, but you will never have to wonder if Hamas is tunneling under your house in order to one day jump out and slit your throat.

When you claim that Israel should try and make a deal with Iran and avoid war at all costs, this may seem like the most obvious and moral path for conflict resolution, but you will not be living here if that strategy leads to a nuclear Iran. You will not live under the threat of nuclear obliteration, every day, for the rest of existence, however long or short that ends up being.

To summarize, you will not suffer one ounce of consequence from all your outspoken anti-Israel activity. Your kids will not be the ones dying when we’re at war due to decisions you helped to influence. But yet you have the absolute gall, (of someone like Bibi Netanyahu, ironically) to not only opine, but actually work pro-actively against the state of Israel, and still call yourself a pro-Israel Jew.

You are not pro-Israel. And if you ask me, you’re not even a Jew.”


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