American Jews: Support Bibi or Shut Up

“When you come out against Israel’s brutal battling in the Gaza strip, this may satisfy your desire to speak out against perceived injustices, but you will never have to wonder if Hamas is tunneling under your house in order to one day jump out and slit your throat.

When you claim that Israel should try and make a deal with Iran and avoid war at all costs, this may seem like the most obvious and moral path for conflict resolution, but you will not be living here if that strategy leads to a nuclear Iran. You will not live under the threat of nuclear obliteration, every day, for the rest of existence, however long or short that ends up being.

To summarize, you will not suffer one ounce of consequence from all your outspoken anti-Israel activity. Your kids will not be the ones dying when we’re at war due to decisions you helped to influence. But yet you have the absolute gall, (of someone like Bibi Netanyahu, ironically) to not only opine, but actually work pro-actively against the state of Israel, and still call yourself a pro-Israel Jew.

You are not pro-Israel. And if you ask me, you’re not even a Jew.”


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  • Xavier

    This link references itself. Did this come from an article or is it a BCF editorial?

    • Oh crap, bad link my bad been writing reports all day and blogging on the fly.

      It’s fixed.

  • guest
  • Justin

    Totally agree. How can you be Jewish yet work towards harming the Jewish people? It’s easy to talk about restraint and act morally superior when you and your family aren’t the ones being shot at.

    Anti-Israel activists don’t have to fear anything.

  • Petrilla

    Sorry you provided a link to one of the worst and asinine article I have ever read by an extremely confused man who is not sure if he is an Israeli or Jew. Since I have no idea, does anyone,know, what he was trying to say, let’s make it easy. He hates Netanyahu, doesn’t want him to speak, but is worried about Israel as we all are. Netanyahu, will speak and will garner the respect he deserves, by people worried about the state of our world. We will know by the yellow snow the winner of the pissing contest between Obama, the gullible Congress and Netanyahu when Iran pulls its next move.

  • Una Salus

    Part of the reason Netanyahu may have been such an unsatisfactory prime minister over the last 6 years is probably that he had to try and pacify Obama.
    This guy sounds like a possible Obama voter(or perhaps not) but he doesn’t seem to get it because Obama is a big part of the reason he’ll soon “live under the threat of nuclear obliteration” for the rest of his stay in Israel.
    Bibi isn’t threatening the “special relationship” between Israel and the US like the left wing media outlets in Israel which he gets his ideas from maintain. Bibi is threatening the special relationship that’s developing between the U.S and Iran.
    If the relationship with the US can’t sustain this damage then sorry to say it really isn’t that special and the sooner Israelis confront that fact head on the better.

    And if Netanyahu’s speech is so pointless why is there so much nuclear fallout from the White House?

    Also if he thinks Netanyahu is putting Jews in an uncomfortable position now. Just wait and see where they’ll be when the agreement is signed with Iran.

    The fact that Israel has lasted this long with so many schmucks running around in the country is as close to proof of God’s existence as we’re ever likely to get.