Star “Experts” Suggest Canada Adopt Shambolic British Muslim De-radicalization Program Infiltrated By Extremists

Where would we be without experts. Below is an excerpt from a Star article recommending Canada follow in Britain’s wildly successful footsteps on Muslim de-radicalization.

‘Soft security’ measures also needed to battle home-grown radicalism, experts say

“If someone says, ‘Anyone who is not a Sunni is a kuffar and they should all be killed,’ that’s not a line you let pass. The trouble is if your only recourse right now is to phone the police or the RCMP, it’s not going to happen,” says Dawson.

That’s because the Canadian government has chosen to focus on “hard security” — boosting investigative powers, intelligence gathering, arrest powers. There is no provision in the Conservative government’s massive anti-terror Bill C-51 to provide new resources for de-radicalization programs — the kind of “soft security” measures that Dawson, Hiebert and others say are key.

By that they mean interventions involving law enforcement, teachers, social workers and psychiatrists — resources that are woefully lacking at the moment for Muslim communities across Canada, the Senate committee has heard.

The researchers say Ottawa should look to other countries, pointing to a program in Britain called Channel that draws in police, social workers, psychiatrists and teachers “to deal with the other aspects of that person’s life that need to be fixed, to get them to divert from that path towards radicalization and violence.”

“That’s expensive, but, again: an ounce of prevention, a pound of cure.”


The program the “experts” cite is called Channel. It has suffered the fate of previous outreach programs – infiltration by “extremists” who have gained social capital from Islam’s acceptance into the public sphere by the establishment’s useful idiot multiculturalists. Below is an excerpt from a Telegraph expose of Channel, as I wrote earlier if half of this is true then Great Britain is toast.

Britain’s measures to combat the sort of radicalisation that led to the mass murders in Paris are in poor shape

“…But Channel, too, illustrates the Establishment’s continuing embrace of Islamic extremism. The Islamists may have less to fear from it than they think. Astonishingly, according to sources in the programme, some of those hired by the Home Office as Channel “intervention providers” – the people supposed to be weaning youngsters from extremism – are themselves extremists, or associated with extremists.

At one recent Home Office training session for Channel staff, several of those present say a session was given by Usman Raja, a moderate intervention provider. As soon as he started to speak, a group of Salafi extremist providers got up and left. Even when there aren’t walkouts, training sessions sometimes descend into ideological arguments between radicals and moderates, providers say.

Intervention providers include people from two hardline Salafi mosques in Birmingham, Wright Street and Green Lane, whose imam, Abu Usamah, advocated many policies since put into practice by Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil), including a “total Islamic state” that would “do away with man-made laws” and practise only “the laws of Islam”.


As Canada’s own experience has shown our security services suffer the delusional belief that through outreach they can uncover and work with some OJ Simpson like “Real Islam”.

I assume they mean the Islam that doesn’t follow the Quran’s teachings.

That sort of thinking lead to the RCMP being forced to renounce a de-radicalization handbook they co-authored with the Muslim community because it was simply too Islamically correct for the public to swallow.

The MSM in Canada are equally delusional, disingenuous or complicit, take your pick. They repeatedly trot out the Ahmadiyya or Ismaili fringe sects as examples of a moderate Islam. Both sects are considered apostate by mainstream Islam and carry no weight beyond making the useful idiots of the press feel good about themselves.

In Britain the BBC commissioned a survey of the Muslim community’s attitude to the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Fully 25% supported the gunmen. I wonder if that figure is not in fact higher.

Why are no such surveys conducted by the MSM in Canada?

Are our Muslims different from the UK’s?

Do they believe that that those who insult Mohammed or Islam should be put to death?

Do they believe that that apostates should be put to death?

Well do they? I’d like to know.

Oh. Wait, we do know. Funny the Star missed this scoop.

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