Mexico’s ‘hints of homophobia’ make living there a challenge for a gay American

Living in Mexico as a gay American has been very interesting because it’s not something that’s necessarily accepted universally.

We’re still at a point where there are gay characters on telenovelas [Mexican soap operas], but they’re the comic relief. They’re not the hero or the neighbor. The cultural representation is still on the negative end, and people ultimately react negatively.

There are hints of homophobia, machismo, and I think that ingrained culture is harder to get rid of than it is to create a policy that says everyone can get married now.

I’m growing up in this time when a lot of things are changing in terms of LGBT rights and LGBT advocacy in the United States and around the world. It’s true for Mexico as well, though maybe not as quick as in the United States.

It’s been interesting with my extended family in Chihuahua, coming out to them. I think the key is identifying with people, creating relationships where they can love you for who you are…

  • Minicapt

    “… but they’re the comic relief.”
    I think that is quite suitable.


  • I’ll get into trouble for saying but like the Muslims, gays always have to bring things back to themselves.

    Thanks to the cartels, NO ONE can live freely.

  • bob e

    that’s the ticket osumashi .. the bandits were the reason we went
    to war with them so long ago ..

  • cmh

    i guess he better move back to san fran

  • ontario john

    The Sunday Star has made homophobia its main theme today, because what is more important than gay rights in North American cities. The Sunday Star loves the new homosexual propaganda course, which according to them teaches not just the practice of gay sex but the ACCEPTANCE of that lifestyle. It will encourage the acceptance of homosexual, trans gender, and spirit filled sex between two people. What the hell is spirit filled sex????

  • DMB

    Maybe he would feel more comfortable living in ISIS controlled Syria. Oh wait the Toronto Star, other lefties, radical gays don’t want to criticise Islam for the Islamic treatment of gays.

  • DMB

    The first child destroyed by Kathleen Wynne. An interesting read!