Jihadi John and his ilk have many friends in Britain

For a year we have known of a British Muslim – dubbed Jihadi John – who is IS’s star executioner. With his British accent to introduce the act, in video after video he has sawed the heads off innocent hostages including British citizens Alan Henning and David Haines.

He tried to disguise his identity but on Thursday it came out. Mohammed Emwazi is a 26-year-old British citizen who came to this country from Kuwait as a child.

Now we know who he is we also know who his circle is and what a disgusting and disgraceful glimpse this gives us of modern Britain.

First there is his education.

A lot of people still pretend that Muslims become terrorists because they are poor or undereducated. Yet once again that false narrative has been dealt a blow.

Emwazi had all the advantages that the British state can offer in education. He even ended up at Westminster University.

Many if not most of Britain’s high-flying terrorists have been university graduates.

  • Millie_Woods

    “what a disgusting and disgraceful glimpse this gives us of modern Britain.”

    Britain has been disgusting and disgraceful for awhile now. Even their police are hideous excuses for human beings. Let them choke on their own socialist filth I say.

  • David

    OT; anyone know the time and channel of Netanyahu’s speech on Tuesday?

  • Linda1000

    Along with the academics and leftist media like BBC, politicians and all levels of gov’t are to blame also. The great immigration experiment is a big failure for Britain and the other EU countries but it is no different in Canada. We are just not quite at the same saturation level but will catch up in the next ten years. The U.S. will take a little longer because it has ten times the population of Canada to dominate.

  • Hard Little Machine

    George Galloway’s sex puppet.