Former Muslim: ‘If I were a Muslim today, I would be a member of ISIS’

(Al) Fadi, founder of the Center for Islamic Research and Awareness told’s “Spirited Debate’ it’s a complication situation. He left the Muslim faith fifteen years ago and he says of himself, “If I were a Muslim today, I would have been a member of ISIS.”

Fadi grew up in the Madrassas or Islamic schools, which thousands of Muslims attend today.

There, he says many were taught an ideology that ISIS members claim is the true form of Islam.  “I was [a] very indoctrinated Muslim,” he says.  “All of my teachings… at the Madrassas, in the Mosque were basically similar to those kinds of ideology … meaning that you always aspire to have a caliphate. You have one authority, one political and religious authority.

…the problem is, you have fourteen hundred years… of history that backs up the interpretation we’re seeing basically by groups like ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shaba and Al Qaeda,”