Emwazi and the London schoolmates who became militant jihadis

The extent to which a small group of disaffected Muslim youths from one London neighbourhood were able to forge contacts with senior al-Qaida figures is becoming clearer since one of their number was named as the hooded militant behind the Islamic State (Isis) killings.

Mohammed Emwazi, an IT worker from North Kensington, was part of network headed by two men facing prosecution for the 1998 east African embassy bombings in which 224 people were killed and thousands injured, according to evidence heard by the high court in 2011.

Emwazi, 26, was a member of a close-knit group of young jihadis whose links were forged at secondary school and during five-a-side football matches in the west London neighbourhood, rather than at mosques or political meetings, according to one of their number.