Electronic Intifada: Toronto queer group that won right to say “Israeli apartheid” wraps up

Members of QuAIA carry a banner depicting the progress of Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine, at World Pride Toronto, June 2014.

“It wasn’t an easy decision to make,” group member Tim McCaskell explains in a press release. “But we decided that retiring QuAIA allows us all to develop new strategies for supporting the Palestine solidarity movement and to make new links across oppressions in our communities.”

Founded in 2008, QuAIA has played a leading role in educating people in its community and far beyond about “pinkwashing” – Israel’s effort to promote itself as allegedly progressive on LGBTQ issues in order to distract from its atrocious abuses of Palestinian human rights.

Among QuAIA’s many important contributions is successfully fighting a censorship campaign that attempted over several years to effectively ban the group from marching in Toronto’s city-sponsored pride parade.

As a result, QuAIA won legal rulings that the term “Israeli apartheid” is a legitimate form of political expression…

  • Exile1981

    “and to make new links across oppressions in our communities.”

    Does that not mean that they support oppressions of people and are working for it? They will be sorry when islam comes for them.

    • Clausewitz

      Waiting for the day when they realise that there’s a crane with their name on it driven by several Muslim men.

  • zee

    We should throw them a nice farewell party.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Pinkwashing means that Israelis don’t throw them off buildings.

  • Lloyd Snauwaert

    On the upside…they offed themselves before their beneficiaries did…

  • The_Infidel_01

    I am sure isis will let them be totally fabulously gay when they take over. Not like muslims throw gays off buildings or hang them or anything ya know.

  • roccolore

    None of these hypocrites went to a Muslim hellhole to support the Muslims they defend.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I would push for all Canadians who want to flock to Gaza etc to have a big “H” stamped on their passports. For Homosexual. Just so the Arabs they love can appreciate their support against the evil Jews.