It is not just the West, Islamophobia is on the rise in Pakistan too

After the Charlie Hebdo attack of January 7th, the Denmark shootings of February 14th and the public flogging of Raef Badawi, a liberal blogger of Saudi Arabia, the West found grounds to fear Islam again. We see articles in the news about how the West is becoming cynical and alienating Muslims, and how a parking space issue can turn into a homicide because almost everybody in the West is either afraid of Muslims or angry at them.

Like Mr Kashif Chaudhry, you too might believe that some Twitter giants are conspiring against Islam. But I, for one, do not think the likes of Sam Harris, Pamela Geller and Richard Dawkins are propagating Islamophobia in the West.

Muslims have taken care of it themselves.

Muslims of Pakistan, Muslims of Afghanistan, Muslims of Saudi Arabia and everywhere else have done enough to deserve hatred. Muslims around the world have killed enough innocent children, attacked enough schools, burnt enough Christian villages, torn down enough Hindu temples, mutilated enough journalists, shunned enough scientific laws and flogged enough bloggers for free-thinking to deserve this acrimony all around the world. Heck, I don’t even think that Islamophobia is a problem in the West alone. It is our problem too…