ISIS recruits’ beliefs usually known by families, Steven Blaney says – So how do so many manage to leave?

In most cases where someone is willing to travel for terror-related reasons, those around them are aware of their beliefs, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said Thursday, as he urged people to report those cases to officials.

“We all have a responsibility and our studies clearly demonstrate that in 80 per cent of the [cases], when an individual is willing to travel for a terrorist purpose, the people around are aware or informed of that situation,” Blaney said outside the House of Commons.

“It is important to report it to the authorities for the well-being of that individual, for not being further radicalized and also saving human lives.”

80%? That’s a lot of awareness. If so many are aware how is it so many manage to leave with such apparent ease?

Certainly in a few instances families have contacted the authorities, why haven’t others or even all who were aware?