Sweden: Adult Education Teacher Told Holocaust Denial By Muslim Students Must Not Be Questioned

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Teachers criticized for extermination discussion

A substitute teacher defended the facts surrounding the Holocaust during an SFI lesson. And then got told by a coordinator that “what is history for us is not the history of others.” The problems in adult education continues.

(Ed. The Muslim student in question complained to the school coordinator that he felt hurt and singled out for having his views on the lying Jews questioned.)

The meeting was recorded and HD has taken note of the recording.

– The student was talking to me and he said that he felt misunderstandings and hurt and was singled out as Holocaust deniers and Nazi, says the coordinator of the recording.

– What he said was Holocaust denial, replies the teacher.

– Yes, but he felt unfairly treated on the basis that he had been singled out as it is.

– He has not been singled out. I just told him that it’s not okay to say that the Jews were just lying.

(Ed. Of course the Holocaust denying Muslim was the real victim here!)



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“I can’t say that the teacher has done anything wrong – I’m sure he tried his best. But a direct conflict in front of all the other students can so easily get out of hand and our opinion is that it is better to deal with that outside of class.”

“The class was about Auschwitz, so they were supposed to discuss it. If a student denies the Holocaust you should challenge that – it’s part of our mission as a school – but this is a matter of how you challenge it.”

h/t Gettofågeln