Canada suffers Diversity downturn: 6 Muslims From Quebec Joined Islamic Murder Cult In January #notvictims

Jihadists in Syria believed to have 6 young Quebec members

CBC reports that “At least six young Quebecers from Laval and Montreal left the country in January to join militants in Syria, sources tell CBC/Radio-Canada.

According to early information, two of them appear to be young women from Laval, while at least one of the young men is from Montreal.

Some of those who left are students at Montreal CEGEP Collège de Maisonneuve.”


Love that CBC headline, it almost makes it appear the bloodthirsty Jihadis were kidnapped. Sorry CBC, they’re not victims, just devout Muslims.

This is related to yesterday’s story from The Montreal Journal, which aside from the 3 students it mentioned indicated that the parents of one youngster may also have departed for the Caliphate.

“The parents of one of the two girls, which we call Noura, have also left the country, according to a woman in charge of the family child care they operate in Rosemont. Met her there, she would not give further details.”

That would make a total of EIGHT!  Good news all round.