We are going to have to reassess what we mean by “moderate Islam”.

“…We are going to have to start to reassess what we mean by “moderate Islam”. At the moment, we essentially define a moderate Muslim as any Muslim who doesn’t go around blowing things up, or who doesn’t go round overtly advocating other people should blow things up. It’s ludicrously simplistic, sickeningly patronising, and actually represents a form of inverted racism.

More importantly, it also has the practical effect of marginalising and undermining the significant number of genuinely moderate Muslims who want nothing to with the “I wouldn’t have done it myself, but…” Charlie Hebdo apologists within their community.

If you think the Paris killings were justified – in any way – then you’re not a moderate. By definition, you’re an extremist.

British Muslim chart

A pity our own MSM is too cowardly to commission a poll similar to the Brit one.

Mainstream Islam in Canada isn’t the feel-good nonsense of interfaith-outreach and multiculturalism  propagated by our MSM and government. Mainstream Islam in Canada is the thousands of Muslims who march at Queens Park every year on Al Quds Day in support of the destruction of Israel or who call for the end of free-speech when their silly idol Muhammad is lampooned by some cartoonist.

Our wannabe Jihadis are not spontaneously generated in a vacuum,  support, sympathy and encouragement are found both within the community and within its Mosques.

Islam is the problem and Muslim terrorism has everything to do with Islam.