U.S. Military No Longer Able to Fight Two Wars at Same Time

The United States military does not currently have the ability to fight two major wars simultaneously, according to a new report, a significant reduction from the capacity enjoyed by defense officials for decades.

The Heritage Foundation’s “2015 Index of U.S. Military Strength” concludes that the armed forces “would be ill-equipped to handle two, near-simultaneous major regional contingencies (MRC).” The two-MRC goal was largely attained during the Cold War, when U.S. forces engaged in a conflict every 15 to 20 years while maintaining ground forces in other regions to ensure stability and deter aggressors.

  • luna

    Thank you Obama.

    • Gary

      Pull back all the troops and focus on the Secure Borders and Coast Guard protection while offering money to turn in illegals that get the boot rather than cost money since the jails are 30% illegals and Obama wants to let in about 30’000’000 just for the 2016 votes by the ignorant peons too stupid to see they are being used.
      Obama gave about 30 billion to GM which went to the 11 Joint-Venture auto plants in China where GM is now buddies with e communist party leaders as Blacks in Detroit lose their homes and many now live with the 300+ homicides a year as Obama gets angry over Sandy Hook and Aurora ‘s white folks that were killed.

      Let the muslims slaughter each other from now on and just take islamic nations off the immigration lists since the UN lets the saudi’s ban Jews and won’t allow a Church to built on their soil.
      The last few million muslims to be left , are from allah’s will .

      • I think that’s entirely reasonable.

        • Gary

          I watched a video where a Commerce experts said that the North and South America had over a half billion people to trade with and could reduce the costs for goods via railways and trucks on the Latitudes as to get rid of the trade with Dictators or Diesel Cargo ships from 3000 miles away .
          All the farm foods have their seasons for being N and S of the equator , people can stay where they are and have jobs while we also get off the Terrorism funding Oil from off-shore and ship it North and South.
          Things can’t stay the way they are because Islamsits want to ruin our Nations from within and will resort to terrorism as a death-cult.
          We have the 1000’s of miles of rail lines and can invent better Locomotives like the new Gas Turbine invent in canada but exported for now that runs clean and is modular to swap-out as quickly a the Navy Jets on carriers.
          It’s the corruptions and Knuckle dragging Unions that oppose most new ideas .

          The imported junk from China is filling up our Dumps and land Fills because the products look nice when new but the life cycles are about 1/4 or less than the old product build in Ontario.

      • luna

        Let in illegals, and while asserting that asking voters to present ID is racist.

  • tom_billesley

    JFK’s “Flexible Response” strategy had a two-and-a-half war doctrine.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Yes, and we had that capability until Obama.
      A knock down drag out with an enemy like Russia, and another one with China, and enough left-over to take out any other lesser country of our choice.

      Now we have ghetto rats with Obama phones, welfare, and #blacklivesmatter

  • Ron MacDonald

    The Left’s first goal accomplished, it’s second goal is to keep the country so far in debt it can’t afford to fight anything but a war of self-defense on its own soil.

  • Xavier

    Obama needs the defense funds for entitlement programs to buy progressive votes, and he’s only keeping enough military to suppress U.S citizenry. Posse Comitatus be damned.

  • focstay

    Count ’em–once, twice, and hopefully not three times. The Iraqi military, when faced with battle, give up arms, threw away their uniforms and hide under beds. 1st was Kuwait and the Mother of all Battles, and the 2nd was Iraqi invasion by U.S. Maybe Saudi Arabia will have to use it’s own resources to fight its own battles this time.

  • Professor Hale

    That’s just stupid. We still have more troops, brigades and enablers than we did when two wars was the policy (before Iraq). Plus… those are fictional wars, not real ones. So, we get to pic our fictional enemies and then decide how much we fictionally need to beat them. It is all make believe to justify a cold war force structure.
    In teh mean time… How many simultaneous wars does the rest of the world fully fund during peace time?