The Tunnel Dreams Are Made Of…

I have received a number of emails now asking for an update on the York Hamas U tunnel, several from overseas readers.

All I can say is – nuttin.

It remains a mystery as to purpose and persons responsible. It was we are told a fairly sophisticated bit of work and unlikely the effort of a single individual, reasonably well shored against cave-ins, a pulley system for dirt removal, moisture resistant lighting, a sump pump, all powered by a generator.

Maybe Occam’s razor applies, perhaps its purpose was benign, the work of a talented homeless hermit or several less hermity homeless as the effort seems to have demanded.

Maybe it was sinister, G20 Anarchist types hoping to use it as a storage and staging area for the upcoming Pan-Am Liberal Party Insider Greased Palm Games.

Maybe it was wannabe Jihadis, again establishing a storage tunnel for planned operations nearby and the Rosary and Remembrance poppy found mere diversions.

The police have been quick to assure the public that all is well and a matter of little concern and then admitted they know as much as we do by asking for tips.

Those assurances are about mitigating the tunnel’s financial impact on the Pan-Am Scam, that much you can squirrel away in the tunnel of your choosing.

At any rate your guess is as good as mine.  Following are links to several articles, at the CBC, Hamilton Spectator and Rosie DiManno is suitably skeptical.