Mosaic Of Diversity Overload Alert: Wannabe Jihadis Now Applying For Indian Status!

Terrorism suspects claim to be ‘proud’ Algonquins, says report

The Ottawa twin brothers who both face terrorism-related charges are claiming to be members of the Algonquin First Nation, according to an APTN National News report.

The report cites sources as saying that Carlos and Ashton Larmond, 24, are “very proud” Algonquins, adding that “they believe they’re the first First Nation converts to Islam to have been charged under anti-terror laws in Canada.”

APTN also says the twins’ father, Anthony Larmond, claims his sons get their aboriginal heritage through his side of the family, although, as the report notes, he could not recall a First Nation community to which his family might be associated.


APTN Report – Ottawa twins charged with terror-related offences applying for Indian status

Carlos and Ashton credit Islam for saving their lives and it was that faith that pulled them away from alcohol.

However, they refuse to smudge while in custody at the local Ottawa jail because they believe it would be serving another God, APTN was told.