Ben Levin Pre-Teen Dating Guide Advocates Resort To Smears To Silence Critics

Sex-ed curriculum opponent accused of homophobia

“Ontario Tory leadership candidate Monte McNaughton is defending himself from allegations he was being homophobic when asserting it was the role of parents and not that of the premier — “especially Kathleen Wynne” — to decide what children are taught about sex in school.

Wynne, the province’s first openly gay premier, demanded McNaughton explain why she was unqualified.

“What is it that especially disqualifies me for the job that I’m doing? Is it that I’m a woman? Is it that I’m a mother? Is it that I have a master’s of education? Is it that I was a school council chair? Is it that I was the minister of education? What is it exactly that the member opposite thinks disqualifies me from doing the job,” Wynne said Tuesday.

Education Minister Liz Sandals later insisted McNaughton made comments that were homophobic.”

The Liberal Party is the last thing you want leaving an impression on young minds.