Banner Day For Canada! 3 Montréal Muslims believed to have joined the Islamic State #GoodRiddance

At least three students from Collège de Maisonneuve, including two girls, have left the country and are likely to have joined the jihadists in Syria, learned our Bureau of Investigation.

At the request of our sources, we preserve the anonymity of young people by giving them fictitious names.

The parents of one of the two girls, which we call Noura, have also left the country, according to a woman in charge of the family child care they operate in Rosemont. Met her there, she would not give further details.

“They went to Algeria with Noura,” said she initially stated. But when our Bureau of Investigation asked if they were not parties rather try to recover it, she said she “did not confirm anything.”

Noura would part with Ahmed (fictitious name), also a student at Collège de Maisonneuve. On January 21, the RCMP visited a neighbor and owner of the building where he lives, in Villeray.

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