Shahina Siddiqui lies to Senate committee about CAIR-Can Links To Muslim Brotherhood Front Group CAIR

“…Senator Beyak asked Siddiqui about the connections between CAIR-CAN and CAIR-USA.

The U.S. group is an unindicted co-conspirator in a $12-million Hamas financing trial that led to guilty verdicts in Texas in 2008.

“How can we trust community organizations to help us develop a counter-radicalization narrative when they themselves are affiliated with organizations with known ties to terrorism?” Beyak asked.

Siddiqui told senators that CAIR-USA and CAIR-CAN/NCCM are not related.

But, in fact, Canada’s trademarks database indicates CAIR-USA applied for, and was granted, the trademark on the CAIR name in Canada in 2005.

On Monday, Siddiqui offered what appeared to be a defence of the Washington, D.C. group.”Ž”If they are unindicted then they’re not guilty,” she said.

The Senate committee has been assessing security threats to Canada since last summer while reviewing anti-radicalization measures.

Last year the RCMP publicly disavowed an anti-radicalization handbook it had created in partnership with Siddiqui’s NCCM, saying the booklet has an “adversarial tone.”

Lang asked Siddiqui about the “very extreme statements” made by certain Muslim scholars listed in the booklet.

Siddiqui defended the scholars and said the booklet’s critics don’t understand Islam”

On the contrary you Lying Bitch we fully understand the evil that is Islam.

What’s that nonsense about NCCM forerunner CAIR-Can never having had a relationship with CAIR USA?

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