People’s Cube: Quran-Quran: glam band puts a face to the Muslim Invasion – satire

The boy band craze has come and gone, like new wave, disco, and the Second British Invasion led by Duran Duran. It’s time for the Muslim Invasion, with bands like Quran-Quran and a slew of other acts that came over to the States with their polished Sharia-driven performance, charisma and stylish fashion sensibilities. For a young person somewhere in the West, it must have been both shocking and fascinating to see these audacious-looking groups invade their television screens…

Some of the songs:

The Muzzies (punk)
Sharia Beheading (doom metal)
The Stoned Caliphate (reggae)
Bacha Bazi Boys (gay disco)
The Shahada (doom metal)
Mohammed and The Salaf (glam rock)
Allahu Akbar (grindcore death metal)
The Prophets’ Harem (teen girl pop)
The Goatf*ckers (oi!)
Buraq (psychedelic trance)
The Arselifters (grunge)

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It was linked at IOTW Report and readers left dozens of new song titles.