International students bring diversity to UK

The accompanying photo appears to show Japanese dancers.

The International Officer at the University of Sheffield has called for universities around the UK to recognise the importance of international students and to value the diversity of their contributions.

The recently launched No Borders campaign comes as part of the university’s continued commitment to support international students, and follows the success of the previous #weareinternational initiative.

Current immigration policies have left international students facing more barriers than ever when it comes to studying and working in the UK after graduation.

The campaign aims to break down borders that prevent international students from accessing higher education and work in the UK.

“International students face a physical border in coming to the UK, that the government wants to try to restrict their entry,” said Jose Diaz de Aguilar, International Officer.

“They also face a mental border through adapting to the country and facing a culture shock.

“We want to try to remove all these borders.”

The campaign has also launched an #EducationNotMigration petition, which calls for the government to remove international students from net migration figures…

There is just one problem: the international students not likely to be Japanese. They are more likely to bring this far less appealing type of diversity: