Egyptian Children Play At Being IS Militants, Post Mock ‘Execution’ Video

A video identified as showing a group of Egyptian children carrying out a mock execution-style beheading has caused shock and dismay after being shared on social media in Egypt.

The seven children in the video were identified in a Facebook post by Egyptian freelance writer Tamer Abdo Amin as hailing from the Egyptian town of El-Mahalla El-Kubra, a large industrial and agricultural town in Egypt’s Nile Delta region. The date on which the video was filmed is unknown, although it appeared on social media around February 19. It is also unclear who made the video, whether it was staged or spontaneous, and where it first appeared on social media.

The 24-second video mimics the style and format of videos created and shared by the Islamic State (IS) group. In the video, two small children are shown kneeling before two larger children, who play at being militants and hold “knives” — wooden sticks — to their throats. Two other stick-wielding children flank the “prisoners” while another boy speaks to camera.

You can watch the video here.