American Group Used ‘Dark Web,’ Bitcoin To Raise Money For IS, Says Researcher

Evidence has emerged that a group operating in the Americas has made use of the so-called “dark web” and the software-based online payment system Bitcoin to fundraise for the Islamic State (IS) group, a cyberintelligence analyst has found.

Ido Wulkan, who is based in Tel Aviv and works for Singapore-based cyber intelligence firm S2T, told RFE/RL that he has recently uncovered evidence that an anonymous group has been soliciting donations for Islamic State.

Wulkan came across a reference to the Bitcoin fundraising site when surfing the “dark web” — a collection of underground websites where users can interact anonymously — for a client. Using a technology developed by S2T, Wulkan surfed to a closed Turkish hacker site, where he says he uncovered a reference to a website calling itself an “Islamic State donation site.”