UCLA Student Becomes Next Victim of Growing Anti-Semitism at Universities

This is the atmosphere at UCLA. From the ADL, 2012: Sev­eral dozen stu­dents protested on UCLA’s cam­pus hold­ing signs that read, “From the River to the sea Pales­tine will be free,” “This Israeli Jew­ish Grand­daugh­ter of a Holo­caust Sur­vivor is against the Mas­sacre of Gaza,” “Blow­ing up chil­dren ≠ self –defense” and “Respect Exis­tence or Expect Resis­tance.”

Another sign, which read “93% effec­tive mis­sile defense Iron Dome paid for by $250 M in US tax $,” seemed to be upset with the Israeli defense sys­tem that pre­vents rock­ets from land­ing on Israeli civil­ians.

Stu­dents also chanted, “Free, Free Pales­tine; Long live the intifada” and “Israel is a ter­ror­ist state.”

Highly qualified UCLA student Rachel Beyda was initially denied the opportunity to serve in the judicial board of a student association at the university based purely on the fact that she is a Jew.

This is not some “perceived” anti-Semitism. These things are often subjective. However, she was TOLD it was because she’s Jewish! Well, not in so many words…