Solar farm sets 130 birds on FIRE

“…Some 130 birds were injured during the tests, which began on January 14, Rudy Evenson, deputy chief of communications for Nevada Bureau of Land Management in Reno, told Rewire.

In a subsequent test, fewer mirrors were aimed at the focal point above the tower and this reduced the avian casualties. SolarReserve says it has now put mitigation measures in place.

‘Over the last 30 days of commissioning activities, which includes extended periods of flux [sunlight] on the tower, the Crescent Dunes project has only experienced a single (one) avian fatality attributed to the solar facility’ SolarReserve CEO Kevin Smith said.

A report last year found that tens of thousands of birds flying over California are being scorched to death each year by powerful sun beams from the world’s largest solar plant – the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System.