Ontario’s new sex ed curriculum revealed

The new version has added the concept of sexual “consent” and strengthened the sections dealing with mental health, but otherwise the document remains largely the same.

Children in Grade 1 will begin learning the names of body parts including penis and vagina.

In Grade 3, teachers will talk about healthy relationships and at that point could discuss gender identity and sexual orientation.

The use of illegal substances is also discussed in Grade 3

Puberty, bullying and abuse and tobacco use are covered in Grade 4.

The effects of alcohol, both short and longterm, are discussed in Grade 5, along with the reproductive system including menstruation and spermatogenesis

The concept of “gender expression” and masturbation will be introduced in Grade 6, as will marijuana use.

Students in Grade 7 will learn about anal and oral sex in the context of preventing sexually transmitted infections


Here’s the entire 2015 grooming curriculum, I just got back in so have not looked at this in detail.