Blogger Tells Useful Idiot Islamist Sympathizer Liberal Senator Grant Mitchel To Take A Flying F**k At A Rolling Donut

Well that’s figuratively speaking….


Watch for Islamist infiltration, blogger tells Senate inquiry

“…He also took aim at remarks senior CSIS official Michael Peirce gave to the same committee last October, when Peirce discussed “individuals whose activities may be associated with a particular institution, but it’s the individuals we investigate. For instance, we don’t investigate mosques.”

Lebuis said that was misguided. “This decision by CSIS neglects to take into account the pivotal role of the mosque, as it is understood by the Islamists themselves, and ignores the numerous documented cases of radical discourses preached in mosques reported in recent years and weeks,” he said.

“His remarks were immediately challenged by Senate Liberal Grant Mitchell.

“I think you’re making, Mr. Lebuis, some very sweeping allegations,” said Mitchell. “That rhetoric is extremely dangerous.”

Lebuis shot back: “I work with Muslims, and these Muslims are extremely concerned and alerted a lot of people about the radicalization process that is occurring in mosques.”


H/T Giselle and Great work Marc!