Reader responds to op-ed: ‘America is guilty of fostering hate of Islam’

Enough with ‘phony Islamophobia claims’

Qasim Rashid’s Thursday column in FLORIDA TODAY headlines, “America is guilty of fostering hate of Islam.” A front-page story in last Sunday’s USA TODAY section proclaims, “N.C. murders revive Islamophobia fears.” Where are the stories about atheists, agnostics, Buddhist, Christians, Jews, Hindus and Sikhs beheading or burning Muslims alive?

Rashid ends his column by stating, “Enough is enough.” I agree, enough phony Islamophobia claims, by ill-informed liberals and whining Muslims, is enough. More than enough! Very few Americans have studied Islam. Very few understand that the Quran, like the Bible, with the Old Testament and New Testament, has two phases: Muhammad’s Mecca period and Medina period. The Bible is in chronological order. The Quran is not. Consider the books of the Old Testament and New Testament shuffled together like a deck of cards and you will have a comparison to the Quran’s structure.

Islam is a supremacist religion. Allah’s command to impose his religion on the world is spread throughout the Quran, Sira and Hadith, all considered holy texts by Muslims. “He [Allah] is who sent his messenger with the guidance and the true religion so that he may make it prevail over every other religion,” Surah 9:33.

The Rashid allegation, “Evidence of the rising Islamophobia is demonstrated by the increasing number of anti-sharia laws enacted …”, is pure “taqiyya,” deception, an act sanctioned by Allah. The laws referenced are American Law for American Courts. They prohibit judges from issuing rulings that violate rights guaranteed by our Constitution and state constitutions.

Lee Boyland, Suntree