76-year-old man jailed in liberty-loving Texas for feeding stray cats

‘He was actually just worried about the cats the whole time he was in jail and added “God told me to keep feeding them and leave the consequences to Him.”’

Say the Chicks: David Parton, an elderly man in Gainesville, Texas spent nine days in the slammer after refusing to pay a $900 city fine for feeding stray cats– something he’s been doing for nearly a decade. Apparently, the town made feeding them illegal in order to reduce the population.

Hey– that’s a genius idea. The federal government should take notes! Maybe if we cut incentives for illegal immigrants to be here, they’d leave too. But if you keep the goods coming, only more will come.

Says David Parton: “Oh, no, if I had a million dollars I wouldn’t have paid it. Hell, no. No!”